Rubettes – Sugar Baby Love tab

Sugar Baby Love
The Rubettes
Single - 1974
Greg Harper

When reading the chord charts, 
bear in mind the time signature can change
depending on how you look at it.

|G| |G| |G| |G| |G| |G| |G7| |G7|

C G Am G FE|-----------------------------------|B|-8-8-8-6-5---6-5-------------------|G|-----------7-----7-7-7/9-----------|D|-------------------------10-10-9-7-|A|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|
C G Fm C GE|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|-0-9-9-7-5-7-9-7-5-7-7-5------------|D|-----------------------------2-3-5--|A|------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------|
Or for those of you who don't want the tab: |C| |C| |G| |G| |Am| |Am| |G F| |F| |C| |C| |G| |G| |Fm| |Fm| |C| |G| The rest seems to be on here but look out because there are some 7ths and some inversions missing. Corrections and comments welcome...
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