Ruby Blue - Primitive Man tab

Ruby Blue - Primitive Man 
from Down From Above, 1990


I [Am]took a day [Am]off from my [Am]workaday [Am]job
To [Am]go out [Am]hunting with my [Am]best friend [Am]Bob
To [Am]get back to [Am]nature, get [Am]back to the [Am]land
And [Am]walk in the [Am]forest like a [Am]primitive [Am]man


A [Am]few hours [Am]pardon from [Am]life's tra[Am]vail
While [Am]we go [Am]walk and [Am]follow the [Am]trail
[Am]Found his [Am]spoor and [Am]cut his [Am]track
And we [Am]spotted a [Am]buck with a [Am]six point [Am]rack

[Em]Tracked that [Em]fellow through the [G]after[Am]noon
Till [Em]Bob turned to [Em]me and said [G]"turn back [Am]soon"
I said [Em]"Bob we ain't [Em]getting no [G]deer to[Am]day"
But [Em]that's not [Em]why we came [G]any[Am]way

But to [Am]get back to [Am]nature, get [Am]back to the [Am]land
And [Am]hunt in the [Am]forest like a [Am]primitive [Am]man

[C]Oh___[G]___ primitive [Am]man

[Am]Sun going [Am]down as we [Am]followed the [Am]stream
[Am]Two men [Am]walking in a [Am]primitive [Am]dream
[Am]Rounded the [Am]bend and [Am]just our [Am]luck
[Am]Head down [Am]drinking there's a [Am]six point [Am]buck

[Em]Free'd my [Em]rifle and my [G]aim was [Am]good
[Em]Buck look [Em]startled and he [G]dropped where he [Am]stood


[Am]Two men [Am]hunting in the [Am]after[Am]noon
Gotta [Am]dress out the [Am]deer, gotta [Am]walk out [Am]soon
So I [Am]drew my [Am]knife, and I [Am]got to [Am]work
Bob [Am]rolled up his [Am]sleeves and he [Am]opened his [Am]shirt

And a[Em]round his [Em]neck was a [G6]silken [Am]cord
With a [Em]little ring [Em]on it that I'd [G6]seen be[Am]fore
[Am]Said to him [Am]"Bob", as I [Am]raised my [Am]knife
"I be[Am]lieve I [Am]gave that [Am]ring to my [Am]wife"

[C]Oh___[G]___ primitive [Am]man
[C]Oh___[G]___ primitive [Am]man

Gotta [Em]learn to keep [Em]still and [G6]cover your [Am]track
You [Em]got to move [Em]forward when you [G6]can't turn [Am]back
[Em]Drink at [Em]night from a [G6]quiet [Am]stream
[Em]One man [Em]running from the [G6]ruined [Am]dream

And a[Am]way from the [Am]home that he [Am]can't see a[Am]gain
[Am]Running in the [Am]forest with the [Am]curse of [Am]Cain
To [Am]live off [Am]nature, [Am]live off the [Am]land
And [Am]flee from the [Am]hunters like a [Am]primitive [Am]man.

[C]Oh___[G]___ primitive [Am]man
[C]Oh___[G]___ primitive [Am]man
[C]Oh___[G]___[G]___[G]___[G]___ primitive [Am]man

[Am] [D] [Am] [D] [Am] [D] 

[C]Oh___[G]___ primitive [Am]man
[C]Oh___[G]___ primitive [Am]man
[C]Oh___[G]___[G]___[G]___[G]___ primitive [Am]man
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