Rude Buddha - Groove tab

Fill (not sure if this is right....should be about right...but listen to the song to figure out which fill to use where.)Sorry if it's bad... it's somewhere close to that i think.-5---5-3--5-3-7-8-10----------------|--5---5----5------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|
chorus: (listen to the song for the rhythem.. these are the chords)------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|-5--12--9--10-----------------------|-5--12--9--10-----------------------|-3--10--7--8------------------------|
verse: same deal with chorus... he does some weird variations of thisbut these are the chordes. listen to the song. u'll get it. it's cool.-3--10--7--8------------------------|-3--10--7--8------------------------|-4--11--8--10-----------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|
anyways, this is as much as i've figured out. i think in part of the end the fill goes-10--8------------------------------|---10-------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|or something. so if you figure out more by all means let me know. rude buddha kicks ass.oh and this song kicks off with the coolest bass solo... my friend tony should be tabbingthat out soon so i'll post it when he's done. peace yall.
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