Rufio – Control tab

2003 Nitro records
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This song resembles Kelly clarkson's Breakaway especially in chorus

Key: D

Tuning: Dropd D

Chords used: Drop D only
B5 -   x244xx
G5 -   555xxx
A5 -   x022xx
A/C# - x476xx
F#5 -  444xxx
D5 -   000xxx

Intro: Bm---G

Palm mutede|-------------------------|B|-------2-3-----------2---|G|-4-4-4------02-2-2-4---2-|D|-----------4-------------| repeat many timesA|-------------------------|D|-------------------------| ^ press these keys faster 4,0,2
Verse 1: B5 G5 A5 If I could, I'd prove you wrong B5 G5 A5 And if I could, I'd let you know Chorus: D5 G5 You control, by your own design B5 A/C# G5 Knowing you're so right D5 G5 When the sun is gone Life ends with no hope B5 A/C# G5 Embrace this in your arms Post Chorus: G5(hold) Verse 2: B5 G5 Patience is gone but you've been left alone B5 G5 A5 The troubles are trapped in your eyes B5 G5 You'll see me again No time to pretend B5 G5 A5 Your everything, your anything, mine
Guitar 2: in "you'll see me again..."e|-14--15------14--15----------12-----------12-----|B|---------15----------15--14----------14----------|G|---------------------------------14-----------14-|D|-------------------------------------------------| (x2)A|-------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------|
F#5 G5 You've been wondering when your life begins B5 G5 I've seen the face of you tonight (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: G5 A/C# B5--A5--B5--A5 Care to move on And afraid to feel young again, why? G5 A/C# Now take my hand cuz it seems the way you see his...
Guitar 2: x means palm mute...might Tell me whye|--------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------|G|-4-xx--x-2-xx--x--4--x--x-----7-------|D|-4-xx--x-2-xx--x--4--x--x-4h5---------|A|-2-xx--x-0-xx--x--2--x--x-------------|D|---xx--x---xx--------x--x-------------|
G5 A/C# Take all that you know inside And leave it behind Verse 3: D5 G5 B5 G5 Its time to say goodbye To all you fall for D5 G5 B5 G5 Its time to say goodbye An angel bound to fly (Repeat Chorus twice)
Embrace this in your arms... Embrace this in your arms...
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