Rule 62 – Wake Up tab

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Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 10:39:40 -0500 (EST)

Song: Wake Up
Band: Rule 62
Album: Rule 62 (1997)
Written by Brian Coakley
Transcribed by Luke Knox (

G# G# (4x)

Verse: (barely heard, probably played on a wah-wah)
G#  A#  C#  G#

G#  D C#

C#  A#  G#

Played over verses:E-8s9s8~~~~~~~--------------|B---------------8s9s8~~~~~~-|G---------------------------|
Played before one of the choruses ("dun dun nah nah. . ."):E----------------------------|B----------------------------|G--------4-------6-----------|D--6-4-6---6-4-6---6-4-6-6s4-|A----------------------------|E----------------------------|
Played at the end:E-------------------|B-------------------|G-------------------|D-----6-4---4-------|A---------6---6-5-4-|E-4-4---------------|(Repeat this a few times, end on G#)
Lyrics: (Verse): I read the papers and I know which way you're going. I watch the T.V. and it shows how little you're knowing. I call you up when you're around but you don't hear me. You hear the words but still don't hear, you don't even know me. (Chorus): Wake up, this ain't no vacation, she cries, for my reputation, hatred has never looked that good on you. I know, she's in ovulation, can't see, the real destination, hatred has never looked that good on you. (Verse): Why sit around while you look down and dance with junkies? Makes you look weak, makes you look pale, makes you fall down, makes you look, (Bridge): You're raised and you can't see hate on the inside. Wake up. Your ignorance is free, hate on the outside. (Spoken): Keep your arms and hands inside the car at all times. Time to shave your head and put your Doc Marten boots on!! E-mail me with any questions, comments or changes. I hope you enjoy the tab! Luke
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