Move On tab with lyrics by Run Kid Run - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Run Kid Run – Move On tab

Tabbed By: Rebecca
Tuning: standard

intro and verse:
it's actually only the bass guitar that's playing but you can just use the bass strings 
your guitar.

|---------------------------------||---------------------------------| 4x|-7-7-7-77------------------------||---------7-7-7-779-9-9-995-5-5-55|
chorus:|-----------||-----------||----4--6---| 2x|-2--4--6--7||-2--2--4--7||-0--------5|
bridge:|-----------------------------------| |---||-----------------------------------| |---||-----------------------------------| 2x |---||-9-xxxx-999999-11-xxxx-111111111111| |-9-||-9-xxxx-999999-11-xxxx-111111111111| |-9-||-7-xxxx-777777-9--xxxx-9 9 9 9 9 9-| |-7-|
hope you like it!
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