Runrig – Harvest Moon chords

Harvest Moon by Runrig.

I found it tricky to maych the timing to this one so listen to the song to get the beat right.



G, C, G, D,
G, C, G, G,

Em G DSons and daughters of the dust
G AmStrangers of time and place
Em GFor a while your limbs entwine
D GHoly marriage of the flesh
C AmBut I know your ways
Em C DYour ways are not mortal thought
C GTill the day breaks and shadows run
D GRun away
G Em G DSo shine on harvest moon
G Em DCast your might on the ripening corn
EmAnd I look at your life
C AmHold you in my arms
G DWith all the power in the days of youth
GIn the fullness of love
Em G DFields run deep in golden swards
G AmHot summer winds blow through the corn
Em GCast off your sorrows now you stand
D GIn the presence of the Lord
C AmAnd your radiance shines
Em C DLike the moon of all innocent grace
C GTo know that we dared breathe belief
D GTo love again
(Chorus) OUTRO
G C G DShine on, Shine on
G C G GShine on, let it shine on.
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