Runrig – The Wire chords

Runrig - The Wire

(Intro & Chorus)

A DWo__ o__
A EWo ho__ o__
F#m D AWo__ o__ ho__
AWe listened into the Iceage
AAnd we built up man round the Picts
A E F#mAnd the daybreak hammered out warning
DTo the weak
(Chorus) (Verse 2) Bridge:
A ATransmitting, transmitting
D ABreaking down the wire
A ATransmitting, transmitting
D ABreaking down the wire
(Chorus) Bridge 2: F#m, F#m, Bm, Bm Lyrics We dreamed on moor with passion And on the long lochs bluer than eyes 'Till the mists of bygone ages heard our cries I've seen us among thousands All of one name waiting to run And when the charge came heather on heartbeat Steel on gun The old rock leaves us with fossil From the ancient pagan rites From the universal inroads back to Christ As we look out over the morning And the days of this life's spring And the joy of Gaelic's lifeblood Made me sing Watching your beauty on this journey With the lick of youth in your eyes Let us sow this olden heartland Reap in time
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