Rushing With Apathy – I Dont Know Why tab

I DON'T KNOW WHY - The Israelites
From their 1997 album "Montego Bay(The Jamaican Persuasion)
Tabbed by: Sliver12


E C#m A Be|---7----4----0----2----|B|---9----5----2----4----|G|---9----6----2----4----|D|---9----6----2----4----|A|---x----x----x----x----|E|---x----x----x----x----|
Intro: E C#m A B (x2) E Verse 1: E C#m A B E C#m A B I don't know why You love me so E C#m A B But everyday Your love for me it shows E C#m A B E C#m A B You came to me when I was alone E C#m A B And wandered so far away from home Chorus: E Everyday Your love it grows C#m And everyday my love it shows A B And everyday You give Your love to me Verse 2(same chords as verse 1): I know sometimes I hurt You so But you never let me go Oh my dear Lord, make me like You So I can do the things You want me to (Chorus) Bridge: E C#m A B (x12) Verse 3(same chords as verse 1): Remember when You held my hand And You helped me to understand Then one fine day, this life will end And I'll be with You in the promise land (Chorus) Ending : E C#m A B(x3)
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