Ruth Moody – Never Say Goodbye chords

It is my first Tab and I hope it is close to be correct.

Never Said Goodbye - Ruth Moody

Hm7I never said goodbye
F#m7 G-G/7F#-G/E) Em Maybe I never even said hello
D - D4 DWhy did you have to go
Hm7Were you feeling sad
F#m7 G-G/7F#-G/E) Em I wish I´d called to say it´s not so bad
DThough I know that´s all very well to say
HmI would have anyway
Gto try and make you stay
Em D -D4 D at least another day
I never said farewell I didn´t know that it was on your mind I should´ve seen the signs I never realized You´d come all the way down to the wires There are so many things I could have said Before the summer set But Chances came and went
D -D4 DI won´t forget
Hm - Dsus2And now it´s clear as day
D - EmI don´t know what it was
Hm - Dsus2Standing in the way
D - EmI don´t know what it was
HmYou could have asked me
EmYou could have asked me
HmI never said goodbye
Hmj7 Hm7 HmI thought I saw you on the avenue
G EmNow I realize it wasn´t you
DI just got the news
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