Ryan Adams - Sylvia Plath chords


      Sylvia Plath - Gold

      personaly i think this is very accurate. it also sounds good 
      on a piano if u wan't to try that out.(as the original is 
      played on a piano)   enjoy!

      inro - C G F X4

C G Fv1 I wish i had a Sylvia PLath,
C G F busted tooth and a smile,
C G F Cigarette ashes in her drink,
C G F the kind that goes out then sleeps for a week,
C G F The kind that goes out on her own,
C G F to give me a reason for well i don't know,
CChorus And maybe she'd take me to France
or maybe to Spain,
F C She'd ask me to dance in a mansion on the top of the hill,
She'd ash on the carpet slip me a pill and she'd,
F C get me pretty loaded on gin,
And maybe she'd give me a bath,
F G How i wish i had a Sylvia Plath,
Intro - X2
C G FV2 She and i would sleep on a boat,
C G F and swim in the sea without clothes,
C G F With rain falling fast on the sea,
C G F she'd be swimming away she'd be winking at me,
C G F Telling me it would all be ok,
C G F then on the horizon and fading away,
C G F And i'd swim to the boat and i'd laugh
G Gota get me a Sylvia Plath,
Chorus Its a realy nice song hope you enjoy!!! Tabbed by eddie barber eddie222@hotmail.co.uk
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