Ryan Adams – Anybody Wanna Take Me Home tab

       "Anybody Wanna Take Me Home"
                  Ryan Adams

This is the version on the album "Rock n Roll".
That means some parts from the "Love Is Hell" version
isnย’t mentioned in this tab.

 Gmaj7 = (3x0002)
 D6    = (xx0202)
 Dadd4 = (x5403x)
 Dsus4 = (xx0233)
 Am7   = (x02013)
 Am7/B = (x2x013)
 C     = (x32013)


G Gsus4 D Dsus4 Am G C-|-------------------------------------------------5-------3-----8------|--|------3-----3---3--------10-------10----10-------5-------3-----8------|--|----4---5-----4-------11----12-------11--------5-------4-------9------|--|--5-------5--------12----------12------------7-------5---------10-----|--|----------------------------------------------------------------------|--|----------------------------------------------------------------------|-
Gmaj7 D6 Am G C Dadd4 -|------2-----2---2-----2-----2-----------------------------------------|--|--------0---------------0-------0-------1-0---------------------------|--|---0------0---0-----2-----2-----------2---------0--------0---------0--|--|------------------0-----------0---------------0---0----2---------4----|--|------------------------------------0----------------3-----3-3s5------|--|-3------------------------------------------3-------------------------|-
Gmaj7 D6 Am G So, I am in the twilight of my youth C Dadd4 Not that I'm going to remember Gmaj7 D6 Am G Have you seen the moon tonight, is it full? C Dadd4 Still burning it's embers [Bridge]
D C D C Bm Bm C-|--5--3-----10--8---7-7-7---7-7-7-7-8--8---------|--|--7--5-----10--8---7-7-7---7-7-7-7-8--8---------|--|--7--5-----11--9---7-7-7---7-7-7-7-9--9---------|--|--7--5-----12--10--9-9-9---9-9-9-9-10-10--------|--|-------------------9-9-9------------------------|--|-------------------7-7-7------------------------|-
D C D C Bm C-|--10-8---10-8------7-7-7---8--8--8--8-----------|--|--10-8---10-8------7-7-7---8--8--8--8---0--0----|--|--11-9---11-9------7-7-7---9--9--9--9---0--0----|--|--12-10--12-10-----9-9-9---10-10-10-10--0--0----|--|-------------------9-9-9---10-10-10-10--0--0----|--|-------------------7-7-7---8--8--8--8-----------|-
D C D C The people dancing in the corner Bm C They seem happy, but I am sad D C D C Bm C I am still dancing in the coma of the drinks I just had [Chorus] G Dsus4 Am7 Does anybody wanna take me home? G Dsus4 Am7 Does anybody wanna take me home? G Dsus4 Am7 Take me to your house and I'll leave you alone Am7 Am7/B Of course I will, of course I won't C It seems so tragic, but it disappears like magic
-|--------------3---------------------------------|--|-3------------3---------------1--------------3--|--|-0------------2-------------2---0------0-----0--|--|-0---------0--0----------------------0---0---2--|--|-x--0-2-3--------3-2-0----0------------------3--|--|-3---------------------3-----------3------------|-Like magic Like magic
[Verse] Can you recommend an education or drugs Because I'm bored with you already I'm on Broadway and I think it's a parade I'm covered in pieces of confetti And I am in the twilight of my youth Not that I'm going to remember Dancing and slowly and finding the truth And it covered in coma [Bridge] All these people in my life, they seem so in love Well, I am not Memorizing my shoes in a cigarette shop Does anybody wanna take me home? Does anybody wanna take me home? I'm kinda lonely, will you take me home? Of course you will, of course you won't Of course I'm crass, it seems so tragic Of course you will, of course you won't But I'll disappear, I'll disappear Just like magic Just like magic
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