Ryan Bingham – Hallelujah tab ver. 3

Ryan Bingham
Tab by One Speed


= Standard Tuning

= Capo on 4th fret

= Listen to the live versions of the song on YouTube to get the timing down.

The tabs on this song are very close to how Bingham plays the tune. I first want to 
thank everyone who contributes to
creation and improvement of tabs. If you hate this tab, please ask yourself one 
question, "What have I done to improve
access to free accurate tablature?". If you have a more accurate tab of this song please 
post so we can all become better
guitarist. If you have nothing to offer other than criticism please keep it to yourself 
your not helping anyone.

OK enough soap-box rants, here are some tips for learning the song.



Start by getting use to the chords and progression by just strumming through without 
trying to emphasize the "roll"
in the treble notes.

Next, pluck your bass note and then slowly start picking the notes in the roll pattern. 
Do this step slowly and as accurately as possible.
Accuracy is the key in order to play up to speed the way Bingham does.

Lastly, for the transition into the chorus, if you listen to Bingham he begins to "open 
up" and intensifies his strumming to the point
where the roll is not as emphasized.

Good Luck!!!



|--------0----------0----------0----------0---------0---||-------3-3--------3-3--------3-3----/5----0-------0----||------0---0------0---0------0---0----------0-----0-----| Repeat|---2----------0----------0-----------------------------||---0----------2----------3----------/5-----------------||---0----------0----------0--------------------3--------|
Chorus Hallelujah...
Coming Home...
I Like to throw in the High e string in the G chord to give it a little more body, however either way works. Lyrics The other day I found myself upon the corner Thought I'd run into a friend of mine. Ended up that he was just a stranger, Said, "hello," as he passed me by. But then he turned and put a gun to my head, He said, "My friend, I'm gonna rob you blind." I said, "You must be down on your luck, I'm outta money and I'm all outta time." He pulled the trigger and I fell to my knees, My spirit left and then my body went cold. I'm lookin down upon the lights of the city, I feel alive but I'm dead and gone. Ain't no more beggin on the side of the road, No more sleepin on the edge of a frown. Ain't no more favours from someone I don't know 'Cause there ain't nobody near me, Nobody's around. Hallelujah, coming home, Hallelujah, he's dead and gone, Hallelujah, something's wrong, Hallelujah. So tell me now if your singing can bring me Another day with my feet on the ground. I miss livin and livin misses me, I miss it so much that I'm holdin me down. For all the things that I never could change, For all the reasons that I never understood and why I feel alone, baby, I'm dead and gone, baby, Something's wrong 'cause you know I still feel alive. My train is rollin down the line And I'mma wait until it bring me to dream of holding you up in my eyes. Oh feel my love, honey, From up above, honey, But don't give up on me 'cause I'm comin down. I'm not a one-nighter, I'm not a flat-liner, I'm everything 'tween the harmonies that you're singin loud. Hallelujah, coming home Hallelujah, he's dead and gone Hallelujah, something's wrong Hallelujah, it's just a song The other day I found myself upon the corner, Thought I'd run into a friend of mine.
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