Ryan Gosling – Put Me In The Car chords

Artist: Ryan Gosling
Song: Put Me In The Car
Tabbed by Airbourne775 (Lynn)
Tabbed August 11, 2011



GShadows are my friends
EmAnd the light hates my face
Cadd9It hides behind the clouds
GIn its institute of grace
And our children warm their beds
EmWith dreams of growing old
Cadd9But deception has run rampant
And their futures have been mistold G/Em/Cadd9
GJust put me in the car
EmAnd drive so far
Cadd9Until I'm free again
GAnd whisper in my ear
EmThat all these years
Cadd9I've been dreaming
B7 Cadd9Then you kiss me goodnight
G EmAnd it'll be alright
Cadd9 GIt'll be alright
G EmIt'll be alright
Cadd9It'll be all that
I have ever asked of you G/Em/Cadd9/G
GDarkness thinks I'm pretty
EmAnd the rain covets my soul
Cadd9But the women think I'm ugly
GThey care not for hearts of gold
And freedom teaches nothing
EmIf only to create
Cadd9Lately innocence is jaded
Only preachers hate Instrumental part... G/Cadd9/Em/G Cadd9/Em/Cadd9/D I believe that's all of the song :) I am not 100% sure about that instrumental part, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! :) Lyrics might/might not be correct, but that doesn't matter. There are the chords and have fun with it :D Listen to the song here: http://fuckyeahsteveandryan.tumblr.com/post/8561926246/put-me-in-the-car-ryan-your- voice-you-need-to
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