Ryan Horne – Terrible Tommy chords

Dm A I've been up and down in prison, I've lived inside this cell
Gm DmSurrounded by these demons and the fiery gates of hell
Dm A I blame my mother and my father for the man that I've become
Gm Dm I was born into this family, I was born the devil's son
A Gm A DmNo I aint gonna see my freedom until the day they lay me in the ground
Bb Dm Bb DmIt's such a hard way to fall, It's such a hard, a hard way to fall
Bb Dm A DmNo I ain't gonna go to heaven, they have locked me in these walls
Bb A DmIt's such a hard way to fall
Dm AI got 20 years behind me, almost all that I can take
Gm DmI've built up this rage and anger, filled my soul with void and hate
Dm AI got no hope left inside me, there ain't no joy left to give
Gm DmCause I am just an animal to all my prison friends
A Gm A DmThere ain't no good reason why I should still be alive today
BRIDGE - Gm, Dm, Gm, Dm, Gm, Dm, A, A7Oooooooh, ooooooooh, ooooooooh, ooooooooh
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