Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Moody Orange chords

AI ain't trying to paint you conclusions
G EmIt's pay to play rules and
Today's a day for suit and tie celebration
GNailed it hammered loose and I'm
AFalling down with shit caked in my shoes
Bm EmI ain't feeling this pair of 2s
Ante up or just fold boy
GTake a whirl or take to
Fakin' it baby
D GI've been patient watching you the way move
BmDetecting all of your clues
E DFeeding off of your cues like 1 2 3 4 5
GI'll get it right and play nice soon as you do
A BmRunning off again running off of gin and cigarettes
EmFront talking it's a cakewalk till I miss a step
GMake it there take a breath and start popping a sweat
D A BmThis molly got me in all my days
I've never seen a show stopper like you
Em GCalling out the moves soon as you MAKE EM UP, JUST A TOUCH
Could make a boy act stupid
A GTake my delusions grind up into your bowl
EmPuff on that till I'm blue green serpentine
GVisions snaking out of our tea
DNot sure what it all means
BmBut I could get used to seeing your cool demeanor lighting my scene up
EmTripping all day til we keeping our knees up
GDripping always til our sins look cleaner
A BmWalking down mazes in our minds to find our ways permeate
The walls in your room
Em GPermanent as all we been through
F#mFace in
Placate Flake out For miles, for mine, for I know
EmYou could sell me on anything
GReach for the telephone or let it ring
Teach me to let it go
F# BmI think no luck nothing but us in violence
Em F#mI hate fighting when I'm driving
G F#m Bm7Leave me now or leave cagey for 25 exits
Davis Coltrane white lines exchanged in silence
EmService fell off in the underground
G F#m7Caught the line back to your basement
Came with
Bm7Fear in my heart
Cold to the touch
Em7Love ain't enough a drug to make us
GMake us make amends
Bm7You and I, we've been friends through screens
Bm Em F#mThe screens, the screen-door's coming off the rails
GCome in, come in
F#Come off the rails
Bm EmFailed to reveal appeals apparent to my soul
F#mCall me back if you wanna talk
GLong distance collecting love
Am. BmStrong feelings ain't enough to break the silence holding us
Hold my phone
EmIf you needed me then, then, then, why wouldn't you bring it up?
G A BmThen why wouldn't we be together if "all that we need is us" ain't too much as ask for?
EmNah it ain't too much
Bm GAin't too much
A Bm Em7 GI hate to say that I miss you first but
Send my love send my love right away baby
Bm GAll day all night I wish you would leave me
Em GmajHurting
G Bm GmI know us is more than we deserve but
BmIf I may and you're awake I'll be coming home late
AIt'd be cool if I could stay for a minute
BmBaby lately I've been waiting
Em C EmTo feel your mood move me
G F#m BmI love the way you know how
G F#m BmI love the way you walk out
G EmI love the way you shut it
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