The Abcs Of You chords with lyrics by Red Grammer - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Red Grammer – The Abcs Of You chords

G C GIf I wrote down all of my feelings for you
D GI'd probably fill up an ocean or two
C GSo in the end I decided to
Am DList the ABCs of you
DI think you're...
GA-1, grade A, beloved and beautiful
ACapable, caring, delightful, dependable
D Em DEnjoyable, excellent, fascinating, fabulous
Em Dm7A gift, a gem, genuinely generous
GHonest, highgrade, impressive and interesting
AA jewel, a jackpot, kindhearted, and a king
D Em DLaudable, likeable, marvelous, magnificent
GNaturally nice...
E7One of a kind, pleasing, priceless
A7Queenlike in quality, rare in radiance
D Em DScintillating, splendid, superb, sensational
Em7 G7 DTrustworthy, talented, tender, and tasteful
GUnique, unprecedented, very, very valuable
A7Worthy, welcome, xtraordinary, xceptional
D Em7 F DYes! Yes! Yes! You! You! You!
GYou're one in a zillion!
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