RedEye – Quit Raidin My Heart chords

N.C."This one ain't about me. It's about this friend... that I have... who is not me."
[Verse 1]
FFirst time I ever seen you
Amwas down at the beach by Revere
Cthrough a thick black haze of fire and smoke
Gthings suddenly seemed so clear
FI knew I had to have you
A Ammake you mine at any cost
CI gave up on my old crew
Gnever worried 'bout what I lost
F AI gave you gold, I gave you caps
F Agave you all I stole and more
A#Never counted on you stealin' from me
Cand running out the door
A# FBaby, quit raidin' my heart
AYou took all I had and left me
EI can't stand being apart
F DThis ain't no way to try and test me
[Verse 2]
FI know you remember all the fun we had
Aplayin' the odds at Easy City
CAnd when we roasted that caravan down in The Fens
GI was so happy to have you with me
FBut after a while, I couldn't keep denying
Awhat I daily witnessed
CThe caps, the guns, the blood-soaked ground, well
GWell just couldn't hold your interest
F ANow I don't buy what they tell me
F Athat you can't ever be satisfied
A#I'd kill every last man in the whole wide world
Cjust to have you by my side
A# FBaby, quit raidin' my heart
ABring back the love you stole
EI can't stand being apart
F DI need you here to make me whole
N.C."I ain't gonna lie to you all - love hurts. It really does. I mean... that's what my friend said.
N.C.When he told me the story, and then I went and wrote a song about it. Whatever."
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