Rex Orange County – Japan chords

N.C.You send me round my own head
N.C.Thoughts surrounding as I
N.C.Lay me down in my own bed
Bm GWith the sheets like weights
E G DAnd brain tied down to a stone cold pillow
G7But the pillow just feels like grey cement
F#7 B7Open your ears for this is my final lament
Em7Love songs ain't for me no more
Dmaj7But these won't be the last you hear for sure
Gmaj7 F#m7 B7Cause men will send you everything you need
Em7Plus the money, sex
DAnd I can bet they'll all be taller than me
Em7But this isn't about Alex
Em7 Bm7It never was, you see
Em7It's about the girl who changed him
Em7 B7But it wasn't meant to be
Em7No this was never about Alex
Em F#m7Never about me
Em7 Em7It's about the one that was not the one
But I was love-blind to see
D GBut what is love
Or was this love
Em7Or just a minor obsession with what I thought I needed
Am7 Dm7Was this love, I will never know
Em7But I feel my time is up
Dmaj7But now it's just time for me to go
Gmaj7Don't wait for me
Gm7 F#m7Please don't wait
I respect your decision
Em7But if you ever have a change of heart
Dmaj7 DKnow that it's not too late
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