Rex Orange County – Uno chords

Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7)Yeah, I don't know where to start
Fm7 Fm7b5How do you admit that you're falling apart
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7) Fm7 Fm7b5 I mean how will I admit that I'm falling apart
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7)My mother's gonna worry but I'm fine in my heart
[Verse 1]
Fm7 Fm7b5I've lived the words that I've said
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7)And I live with a voice that tends to tell me that I'm shit in my head
Fm7 Fm7b5Well maybe I should fuck it and be happy instead
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7) Fm7 Fm7b5 I should just say fuck it and be happy instead, right?
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7) Fm7 Fm7b5 Right
[Verse 2]
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7)'Cos there's a lot of people try to tell me how to deal with myself
Fm7 Fm7b5But I'm not gonna listen if you mention my health
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7)I don't care, don't tell me and don't text me
Fm7 Fm7b5'Cos that kind of shit upsets me, just kind of affects me
Eb(add9)It's bringing me down, and I'm not gonna lie
Fm9 Fm6/9These days I prefer to just not be outside
Eb(add9)And these days I just end up spending all of my time
Fm9 Fm6/9With my girlfriend, but to be honest, I think that's alright
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7) Fm7 Fm7b5'Cos time keeps rollin' and I'm just makin' songs
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7)I'm doing my best
Fm7 Fm7b5Still find myself stressed
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7) Fm7 Fm7b5And I'm no longer sure where I belong
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7)I'm starting to rust
Fm7 Fm7b5Don't know who to trust
(N.C.) (Don't trust anyone. Not even me.) [Verse 3]
Abmaj7Some people concentrate on style too much
G7But I think I just force myself to smile too much
Cm7And that should soon end for the best
Eb7I wanna live my life with no stress
Love life and feel blessed, like
Abmaj7It's kind of funny on the inside
G7I'm tryin' to be a man, but really I'm just a little child, Shit
Cm7And that's pretty much it
Yeah that's pretty much it
Bb7(Is there anything else?)
Oh yeah
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7)My jaw hurts a lot because I grind it with stress (mhm?)
Fm7 Fm7b5I was an idiot recently and lost a lot of my friends (naw)
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7)Nothing brings me joy and nothing makes me smile
Fm7 Fm7b5Being at school makes me aware of how I haven't been myself in awhile (oh)
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7)And I wonder what it was like to be 11
Fm7 Fm7b5Wonder if there's such a thing as life after death, such a thing as heaven (why?)
Ebmaj7 Ebdim(maj7) Fm7 Fm7b5 And every now and then I think about the fact that I'd become a legend if I died at 27
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