Just For You chords with lyrics by Richard Cocciante - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Richard Cocciante – Just For You chords

Am  Dm  G  C  E  F  G  E

Am DmI cant stay now and just wait now
G CMy hands then grow so impatient
E F G AmMany things I've got to do now for the first rays of the morning
Dm GThough she dreams in peaceful slumber
C ESleep to me just doesn't come
F G E When she wakes I'll try to tell her everything I have to say
Am Dm G CAnd the night so dark inside me makes me finaly understand
E FWhere the love that she has given
G AmShe can light the sky forever
Dm GIt's the way she gives so freely
C EIt's the way she takes my hands
F G E I Just ask the sun shine brightly got to see her smile again
Am Dm G CThen I'll sing a song I've writen and I'll make the whole world listen
E FIn the silence Just for you
G AmLike no one has ever heard
Dm G And I'll wake up all the lovers
C EAnd I'll keep then back for hours
F G EAnd well do the things we wanted the way that lovers do
[Chorus 1]
Am Dm G CThen we'll run into the streets and we'll start to dance like crazy
E F G COh she want only to feel joy in the love she gives and needs
Am DmAnd we'll take it time to stop quarrels
G CAnd We'll paint the street and building
E FRainbow colours everyone
G AmThough she wants Colours to sing
Dm GAnd we'll play through field of flowers
C EMake the street alive with spring
F GMake a place where lovers go
EFly away like lovers love
[Chorus 2]
Am Dm G CAnd we'll fly into the sky and we'll choose into the stars
E FAnd our stars will tell the whole world
G AmThe love we have we are
DmThe love we share is sweet
G CThe love we know is real
E FThat lovers now to dream
G AmBut last a life time long
Dm GBecause you love and like we did
C EWithout living all we give
G F G E AmAnd the love that we have given return to us to wind
Dm G CGoes a love from me is not beginning and the end
E F G E Am Dm CYour love is mine is now for me forever oh na na na na
F E AmYour love for me forever
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