Riders In The Sky – Ol Cowpoke chords

[Verse 1]
D D7 G GmI’m an old cowpoke I don’t use no soap I swing some rope and eats antelope
D Bm Em A7No Sunday thunder’s got me buffalo
D D7 G GmDevastation rides upon my breath and I scare the ladies plum to death
D Bm Em A7 DWhen I rares back in the saddle and I lets the yodel go
D G D Em A D(yodeling)
[Verse 2]
D D7 G GmWell spin my spurs and kink my rope I soaked up too much campfire smoke
D Bm Em A7 This old cowpoke’s headin’ for town
D D7 G GmYeah, I just got paid my sitch is grave this ain’t no social call it’s a raid
D Bm Bm6 Em A DI’m an old lone wolf with a barbed wire tail And it’s my night to howl
D G D Em A D(yodeling)
F#m Bm F#m BmNow some folks say that life is swell some complain it’s troublesome
E E7 A7But I don’t care if it’s Heaven or Hell I’m gonna have me some fun
[Verse 3]
D D7 G GmBarkeep you call that a double (yeah) well make mine a double double (alright)
D Bm Em A7Stronger whiskey and weaker women’s what I say
D D7 G GmYeah I’ll sit here and drink ‘til I get full and then try and stop this rodeo bull
D Bm Em A DThere be a whole lotta me that’s a bluffin’ man and whole lotta me that ain’t
D G D Em A D(yodeling)
[Verse 4]
D D7 G GmWeeeeell bustin’ bottles and flying lead they broke a porch of furniture over my head
D Bm Em A7I had quite the time last night is what I hear (sure did Slim)
D D7 Bm6But when the morning comes and the sun’s getting brighter I’m snaking across the prairie like a spider
D Bm Em A DI hope the sheriff ain’t taking the trail that I’m making back to wherever it is
D G D Em A D(yodeling)
D G D G A D(yodeling) he’s an old cowpoke
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