Ritt Momney – Pollution Disclaimer chords

[Verse 1]
Em D GThis toil's not what I'm made for
Em D GHead's not so full anymore
Em D GThe load was not so hard to carry
Em DA lack thereof brought me to my knees
GYou tested my maturity
GThe apple takes bites out of me
EmI want to see a fight
DI want to see a fight
GI want to fight this setting sun
Em D GBut it took far too many months to learn that suns can't be outdone
Em DThey'll burn your skin off even the pretty ones
GBut they're only pretty due to pollution
EmWhat is beauty if what creates it is bad
DI'm fully here but fully sad
G Em DI want to sing but just to add to all the sounds that turn monotonous before long
GAnd you're just like them
Em DThe trees withstand the storms but don't assume they wouldn't like to fall
G Em DI think it would be nice to fall asleep and know that I'm not all yours
GI'm not all yours
Gmaj7 Cmaj7 C FWell there is plenty out there still to see
Gmaj7 Cmaj7 C FAnd you were not required to stay with me
Gmaj7 Cmaj7 C FAnd there's no other like you but that's okay because there's billions like me
Gmaj7 Cmaj7 FYou were very difficult perfection but I prefer easy mediocrity
[Verse 2]
GI think I know more with each stage I pass through
GAnd I think I like the thought of not seeing you
CI'm awake in the ground the darkness soothes my eyes
CAnd I hear shovels digging and killing the mood
GBut what more can I do
G CI've got no more than some nights full of fun and some popular songs and a girl that's my type
C F GPlus a lot more who aren't in love with me but in love with the music I write
GThat means something, right?
GWell they say it does
GSoon as the words leave my mouth they create a buzz
C FSoon as the tone leaves my voice I start trying to sound like I'm an actual rapper
FI never claimed to be
GAnd honestly, I never promised you anything
GI don't do this for the sake of satisfying the fans
CAnd while it's nice to know I made the song that's making them dance
FI find it necessary that I say some things in advance:
N.C.This started out as a vie for attention from an ex
And I'm the most creative when I'm an emotional wreck Every happy song I've written ended up pretty bad And it's hard to smile when they only cheer if you're sad
GI never promised you a genre or a dance-able song
GI never promised that this one wouldn't go on for too long
CAnd I don't care if they listen
CThey either won't or they will
CBut I've been just talking for two minutes and you're listening still
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