Riverdale Cast – Candy Store chords

Are we gonna have a problem?
Did zombies eat your brain?

You've come so far
Why now are you yanking on my chain?
I'd normally slap your face off
And everyone here could watch

But I'm feeling nice

Here's some advice

Listen up, biotch

BbmI like
Lookin' hot Buying stuff they cannot
BbmI like
Drinkin' hard Maxin' Dad's credit card
BbmI like
Skippin' gym
EbmScaring her
Screwing him
BbmI like
Killer clothes
EbmKickin' nerds in the nose
Bbm If you lack the deuce
AbGo play Duck, Duck, Goose
Let your mommy fix you ice cream Whoa
Bbm Or come hang with me
EbAnd tonight we'll be
Dirty dancing with the football team
Db AHoney, whatcha waitin' for?
E BWelcome to my candy store
DbmIt's time for you to prove
A BYou're not a loser anymore
DbmThen step into my candy store
BbmGuys fall
[BETTY] At your feet [VERONICA] Pay the check Help you cheat [CHERYL]
BbmAll you
Need to know Some dead weight Has to go [BETTY]
BbmThat freak's
DbmNot your friend
I can tell in the end
BbmIf she
Had your shot
EbShe would leave you to rot
Bbm'Course if you don't care
AbFine, go braid her hair
Maybe Sesame Street is on
[BETTY] Or forget the creep [VERONICA]
EbAnd get in my jeep
[CHERYL] Let's go tear up someone's lawn [TONI]
GbSee, you don't have it
AbWatch this
[TONI] Honey, whatcha waitin' for?
E BWelcome to my candy store
DbmYou just gotta prove
A BYou're not a doorknob anymore
Dbm EThen step into my candy store
DYou can join the team
AOr you can bitch and moan
EYou can live the dream
BOr you can die alone
DYou can fly with eagles
AOr if you prefer
BKeep on testing me
DbmAnd end up like her
Dbm Ab AWhoooooooooa
DHoney, whatcha waitin' for?
BbShut up, Toni
F CStep into my candy store
DmTime for you to prove
Bb CYou're not a lame ass anymore
DmThen step into my candy store
CIt's my candy store
GmIt's my candy
G BbIt's my candy store
DmIt's my candy
Gm FIt's my candy store
A DmIt's my candy store
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