Opiatrescence chords with lyrics by Robyn Hitchcock - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Robyn Hitchcock – Opiatrescence chords

[Verse 1]
Em BmIn the valley of darkness
A C D EmWhere moonlight glows behind the falling leaves
BmIn the wastes of november
A C D EWhere each man sees what only he believes
E G FI would show you what you ar-re
C D EIn a portrait where you writh in living oils
G FYes i'd show you what you ar -re
C D EmA reflection in a lake before it boils
[Verse 2]
Em BmIn the harbour of autumn
A C D EmWhere the summer ships are water logged and cold
BmDoes it hurt you to remember
A C D EHow they came and went before the year got old
E G FThe distraction of the ra-in
C D Eafter twilight never stops till winter's midnight breath
G FShall i show it you aga-in
C D EmHow precisely shall my angels fly to comfort you with death
[Verse 3]
Em BmIf you fell in to the water
A C D EmIt would freeze you long before you reach the land
BmAnd at four tomorrow morning
A C D EThere would be no dawn, no footprints in the sand
E G FI would take you as you ar-re
C D Eevery morning, now you reach me with your eyes as red as sun
G FYes i'd take you as you ar-re
C D Emfrom your birthday till the end of you, the end of everyone.
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