Treasure chords with lyrics by rod - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

rod – Treasure chords

G Em A C

G Em Atreasure in the halls and all its mine
C Gi can buy you anything
Em Ayou lack at all i swear its fine
C Gthis endeavors never ever
Em Arunning dry ill tell you why
C Gi dont care if i might die
Em Athe price is always way too high
C Gyou can see it in their eyes
Em A C Ggod made it easy why do we complicate
Em A Cim down im willing to wait yeah
G Em Abrooklyn is so many miles away
C G Em Ai could go there i could stay youd say that that was not ok
C Gwouldn't do it anyway
Em Ai was getting fucked up all the time
C Gdidnt know if i would die
Em Amy room was always out of line
C Gmade my mind and now im fine
Em A C Gplease tell me how i can get through to you now
Em A C G Emim where ive been but im in a better place
A C G Emand all of us will love you still the same
A C G Emand all of us will go out to the game
A C G Emthe shame will melt away like the snow
A C G Emyou already know
A C G Emyou already know
A C G Emyou already know
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