Mud And Pollen chords with lyrics by Roland Faunte - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Roland Faunte – Mud And Pollen chords

[Verse 1]

Ebm BbNo longer
B GbAll my purity's run dry
DbLook in the cellar
Ebm BbNo heartache
B GbNo one looks you in the eyes
BbNothing gets better there
Ebm BbStill unsure, and unable
B Gb BbI’m building homes in waves of gray
Ebm BbAnd that house, in the meadow
B Gb BbThat I dreamt of everyday
Ebm BbNow just a room, built for one
Db BSinking back to the mud and to the pollen
DbI remember when it started
[Chorus 1]
Gb DbWhen she said hello, something awoke
Abm EbmI felt a warm light
Bb BBut I can't find words for it
I can't find words but I'm
Gb Db Abm EbmMoving on, I guess I realize
Bb BThat they didn't make words for this
There are not words for this
BbSo let me just dance with her
BOh my darling I just want to dance with you
Abm Ebm Abm Ebm Eb [Verse 2]
Ab EbNo longer
Abm B EbmOur ambitions lost their soul
Ab EbNo, sailor
E BYou won’t make it to that shore
EbNo one has time for you now
Abm GThere was supposed to be a high, at the end
B EBut then the snakes started coming back again
EbmAnd that’s all, that there is now
EFor you and I
Ebm E GbMy footing was lost as we ran through the sky
EThe same body, now with these holes in the side
[Chorus 2]
BWhen she said goodbye
Ebm ESomething died and she took it with her
EbmShe walked out the door with it
EShe walked out the door of a
B EbmHome, built inside a soul
ENow forever vacant
EbmThat will never be warm again
EBut tells of all the times we spent
B Ebm ESo high up above the clouds, people in heaven
EbmCame to envy the two of us
EBecause they saw what can really happen when
B Ebm EHearts intertwine, they called it true love
EbmBut those aren’t really words for this
EI couldn’t find words for this
EbmSo let me just dance with her
EOh my darling I just wanna dance with you
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