Falling Out Of Love With You chords with lyrics by Rome Hero Foxes - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Rome Hero Foxes – Falling Out Of Love With You chords

Db Eb Ab Fm Bb7 Bbm7 Eb

Ab FmIf I wrote it in a letter
Bb7 Eb7Would you take the time to read about
Ab FmMy sorrows of forgetting
Bb7How we used to share the mornings
EbBack when we had reached our peak
Ab FmCause it was a long way down that mountain
Bbm7 Eb AbAfter tumbling blindly through your stones and thorns
FmIt felt so cold
Bbm7 Dbm Ab FmTo look back and see you with someone I've seen before
Bbm7 Eb7I should've seen this coming
Ab Fm Bbm7I always feared the lonely road and where it'd take me
Dbm Ab FmI'm always falling in love with what's not meant to be
[Interlude] Bbm Eb7 Ab Fm Bbm [Verse]
Dbm Ab FmSo if I decide to disappear
Bbm7 EbLeave dependents second guessing
Ab FmIf they're the ones that sent me packing
Bbm7 EbI only hope they'd leave me be
FmCause I've seen a lot of disappointment
Bbm7 Eb7 Ab FmAnd I'm running out of things to tell my mother in appointments
Bb7 Eb7When the doctor doesn't know if these pills are even working
Ab Fm Bbm7I know it hurts her baad to see me like this
Dbm AbBut am i really like this?
Fm Bbm7 EbYou should've seen me sobbing
Ab Fm Bbm7On my way home down the road I've been avoiding
Dbm Ab FmNo matter where the hell i run, depression finds me
Dbm Eb7 AbNo matter how damn tired i get, this keeps on happening
Fm Dbm FmI'm always falling in love with what's not meant to be
[Solo] Gbmaj7 Ebm7 Ab7 Bbm7 Eb7 Gbmaj7 Gbm [Bridge]
Fm EbmWaste, don't watch me waste away
Fm AbSay, I won't just waste again
Ebm AbI changed again for you
Ebm GbI lost my brain again for you
Fm AbAnd all along i knew you were no good
Fm EbmBut it's hard to be alone and understood
Fm AbI changed again for you
Fm Ebm Gb Dbmaj7I sleep in vain again for you
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