Lady In The Forest chords with lyrics by Ronny Starmer - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ronny Starmer – Lady In The Forest chords

E D A EIn a knoll in East Kentucky, in a tree beneath the sun
E D A EThere exists a blue eyed lady, ran away from once her home (Short Instrumental)
E D A EIn a hollow in an old oak tree, she carved a little room
E D A EWith a seat for her to sleep on, and a shelf to keep her loom (Shorter Instrumental)
E D A EShe feeds on nature’s gardens, and washes in the springs
E D A EAnd her lover, he lives out in the deep woods, and in the morning haze he sings:
D A E D A EOh, my Lady, let me touch you … let me smell your flowered hair
D A E D A E In all it’s golden glory, on your skin … so smooth and fair!
[Verse 2]
E D A EIn the evening, she sets her table … made of old oak trees and vines
E D A EAnd her lover, he comes to visit, with flowers and wine (Longer Instrumental)
E D A EAnd they talk of how their life once was in the cities so insane
E D A EThough she tells him of all her past loves … she knows not from where he came!
E D A EHe feels as if he has known her … in another place and time.
E D A EWhen the moon comes out they waltz through, hand in hand through all times!
D A E D A EAnd he whispers in her feelings, as she touches on his love
D A E D A EThen he parts and goes who knows where … in the dark woods up above
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