Rose Cousins – The Grate Live chords

Dm  F  Bb 2X

[Verse 1]
Dm F BbThe low moan of your voice on the phone
Dm F BbComes through the floor from below
Dm F BbI'm listening in when you think you're alone
Dm F BbAlone
Dm F Bb [Verse 2]
Dm F BbI press my ear to the grate
Dm F BbWho keeps you up so late
Dm F BbWell you won't hear me complain
[Solo] Dm F Bb 4X [Bridge]
C GmCause years turn my bones to dust
C Gm Dm F BbYou change and I adjust
[Solo] Dm F Bb 6X [Verse 3]
Dm F BbI shift my weight to the side
Dm F BbFutile, my tears to your pride
Dm F BbWe leave on the bathroom light
[Solo] Dm F Bb
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