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Roy Blair – Alex chords


Dmaj7 C Emaj7

[Verse 1]
Dmaj7I don't like anything
CI was born with
Emaj7Why do I exist?
Emaj7Just might hop right back in that bitch
Dmaj7People say I'm no good
C'Cause I can't explain myself
Emaj7Just misunderstood, oh
Emaj7Ok, I need some help
Dmaj7I've been waiting for someone
CTo come along and save me
Em7Just the type of crazy, I need, maybe
Dmaj7Good luck Mabie
CFinding someone
Emaj7Dumb enough to take you away
Emaj7From your insecurities
Dmaj7 C Emaj7And I'm gonna lose my mind tonight
Dmaj7 CAnd no one in the world
Emaj7Is gonna stop me
Dmaj7Take your empty hand
C Emaj7From across this dance floor
Dmaj7And leave out everything
C Emaj7That we don't need
Emaj7Bad company, hey
[Verse 2]
Dmaj7Easy for me to get depressed
C9-5 to my last breath
Emaj7Break my back, I'm bad at sex
Plus the outfit doesn't match the rest
Dmaj7Yeah, I try to act like them
C'Cause what do I got if I don't got friends?
Emaj7Do the same damn thing
Week in and weekend
Emaj7Just so we can do it all again
Dmaj7I keep everything the same
CBut baby that's how they (both taught me)
Emaj7Couple things, up in my brain
Emaj7But maybe that's the only way it can be
Dmaj7Doing 20 over the limit
CThrowin' eggs at vans
Of old ass women
Emaj7Grades lower than the fucks we giving
Emaj7But at least we living
Emaj7Right? (right)
Emaj7Right? (right)
Right? (right) right
Dmaj7Got you on my mind this time
Dmaj7Promise I'll come back this time
So don't blink! [Hook]
Dmaj7 C Emaj7And I'm gonna lose my mind tonight
Dmaj7 C Emaj7And no one in the world is gonna stop me
Dmaj7 C Emaj7Take your empty hand from across this dance floor
Dmaj7 C Emaj7And leave out everything that we don't need, bad company
Oh, Alex
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