Basement chords with lyrics by Run, Forever - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Run, Forever – Basement chords

Notes relative to capo on the 1st fret.

Let ring throughout

e|----------------------------------|------|--2--|B|----------------------------------|------|--3--|G|-----2----------------------------|--3x--|--2--|D|-----0----------------------------|------|--0--| this whole thing 2xA|-----0-----0-------2---2/4/2/0----|------|-----|E|-2---2---2---2---0---0------------|------|-----|
AWell it rained all the way down
F#it was the start of the summer
D He plays the D chord with the A string open also Before all the bad news
Eabout your younger brother
ANow we're driving in your car
F#pretending that everything's alright
DIf we're not that much older
Ewhy's it feel like a lifetime
[Chorus 1]
D E F#Where'd the days go
D E F#when we were kids in a basement
D ENow I write you letters
F# Abut they're never happy
D E F#That's all I have to say I guess
[Break] Bass plays root notes of intro guitar plays all of intro 1x [Verse 2]
AI've been learning to let go
F#of all of the bad things that happen
DI tried being angry
Eand everyone and all of my friends
AI lost what was closest
F#when I disregarded my actions
DThought that this was the first time
Eanyone had ever felt like this
[Chorus 2]
D E F#I'm not different
D E F#just left affected and nervous
D E F# AThis isn't always the person I was
it's just who I've become towards everyone [Outro]
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