If By Chance chords with lyrics by Ruth B - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ruth B – If By Chance chords

Bb Dm Gm Eb 2x

[Verse 1]
Bb Dm Gm EbI can't believe it's been all these years
Bb Dm Gm EbI can't believe I've cried all these tears
Bb DmMy friends tell me I should've moved on
Gm EbA long long time ago
Bb DmBut what do they know?
Gm EmWhat do they know?
Bb DmAnd I don't mean to be selfish
Gm EbBut my heart breaks every time
Bb Dm Gm EbThat I see you smile
Bb DmCause I know that it's not me
Gm Eb Bb Dm Gm EbWho brings it out of you anymore
BbYou found somebody new
DmYou put me in the past
Gm EbI don't even know if our memories will last
Bb Dm Gm EbBut it by chance it doesn't work out with her
Bb Dm Gm EbYou'll always have a chance with me in my world
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