Ryan Beard – Danny Devito chords


[Verse 1]
Gmaj7 Cmaj7In this world that we're livin' in
Am7Theirs so many people wonderin'
Bm7 Gmaj7How we ever hope to clean up all this mess that we've made
Cmaj7There are people dyin' in the streets
G AmLittle babies with no food to eat
B7Sometimes it seems we should accept defeat
[Pre Chorus]
Em D#But this wont make us fall
D A CThere is still one man we can call
[Chorus] Cm
D7 Gmaj7Danny DeVito
Cmaj7The one that we need, oh
Am7You're the one who can turn this all around
D D7 Gmaj7And lift us from the gound I know
Cmaj7You are my hero
Am7You're the one who has come to save the day
D Gmaj7We need you more than words can say
[Verse 2]
Cmaj7Yeah this this one cubby little man
Am7Has the power in his hand
Bm7To heal the devide
Gmaj7And bring peace this land
Cmaj7Doesnt matter if your left or right
AmWe know that Danny is our guy
B7To help us put our differances aside
[Pre Chorus]
Em D#We can trust in this man
D A CPut our lives in his hand, I know
[Chorus] Cm
D7 Gmaj7Danny DeVito
Cmaj7The one that we need, oh
Am7You're the only one who can crack this egg
D7 Gmaj7I'm down here on my knees I beg
Cmaj7From Zero to hero
Am7It's time for a new orange fat old man
D7 Gmaj7But this is one we all can stand
Em G C E7Some day you'll leave this world behind
Am FAnd on that day the world will cry
D7And this is why
GDanny Devito
Cmaj7Wearing a Speedo
AmThis image will unite us all
D GWith Danny we will never fall
Gmaj7 Cmaj7 CWho needs DeNiro
Am7This is a face we all can trust
D Gmaj7Oh Danny, won't you come save us
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