Sade – Lovers Rock tab

Song:Lover's Rock
Album:Lover Deluxe
Tabbed By - Chewy08 "man with big stick"
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Standard Tuning (finger plucking)
Key*---> Slide Up(/)
    ---> Slide Down(\)
    ---> Ring (~)

Same chords used through-out entire song.

Dmaj7 Gmaj7 Bridge/Break- Em F#m Gmaj7e-2| e-2| e-0| |e-0| e-2|B-2| B-3| B-0| |B-0| B-3|G-2| G-4| G-0| |G-0| G-4|D-0| D-x| D-2| |D-2| D-x|A-x| A-x| A-2| |A-2| A-x|E-x| E-3| E-0| |E-2| E-3|
Opening Lick (x4)-usually starts towards the Start of Gmaj7 chord e----------------| B----------------| G-7--9/11~---9\7~|D----------------|A-5--7/9~----7\5~|
Dmaj7 V.1 - I am in the wilderness Gmaj7 You are in the music Dmaj7 In the man's car next to me Gmaj7 Somewhere in my sadness Dmaj7 Gmaj7 I know I won't fall apart completely Dmaj7 V.2 - When I need to be rescued Gmaj7 And I need a place to swim Dmaj7 Gmaj7 I have a rock to cling to in the storm Dmaj7 Gmaj7 When no one can hear me calling Dmaj7 Gmaj7 I have you I can sing to
Opening Licke---------------------|B---------------------|G-7--9/11~---9\7--7--9|D---------------------|A-5--7/9~----7\5--5--7|
Em F#m Gmaj7 B.1 - And in all this Em F#m Gmaj7 And in all my life
Opening Licke---------------------|B---------------------|G-7--9/11~---9\7--7--9|D---------------------|A-5--7/9~----7\5--5--7|
Dmaj7 Gmaj7 V. 4 - You are the lovers rock Dmaj7 Gmaj7 The rock that I cling to (Opening Lick) Dmaj7 You're the one Gmaj7 The one I swim to in a storm Dmaj7 Gmaj7 Like a lovers rock Opening Lick
Repeat 1 Repeat 3 Repeat 4 Repeat 4 When I need to be rescued you're there When I need a place to swim to in a storm I sing to you And all my life And in all my life Repeat 4 Thank Please Rate and Comment for my first Tab : )
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