Sade - Every Word tab

From: Marko Borosic
Artist: Sade
Song: Every word

Hi folks, this is one of my favourite songs of the new Sade album( which is great!!)
So enjoy!

Chords used:

Aadd9  Am  Gadd9  Fadd9
  5     0    3      1
  5     1    3      1
  6     2    4      2
  9     2    7      5
  7     0    5      3
  5     0    3      1

Intro: Aadd9 Fadd9 Gadd9 Fadd9---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------5------------------------1-------------------3-------------------------1----------|-----------6--------6------------2-----------2----------4-------4--------------2-----------2-|--------9--------9------------5-----------5-----------7------7--------------5-----------5----|-----7---------------------3-----------3-----------5---------------------3-----------3-------|--5-----------5---------1-----------------------3----------3----------1----------------------|
Aadd9 Fadd9 Gadd9 Fadd9--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------5-------------------------1-----------------5------------------1-------1------|-----------6----------6------------2-------------------6-----------6---------2--------------|--------9----------9------------5-------------------7-----------7----------5----------------|-----7----------7------------3-------------------5-----------5-----------3-------3----------|--5------------------------1---------1--------3------------------------1--------------------|
Verse: repeat the chords used in the intro Chorus: Fadd9 Gadd9 Am Thats about it, If you`re lazy or your fingers are simply too short, you can play the regular chords too but it doesn`t sound as good, especially the picking part. Another trick is to tune your guitar 2 steps down for example and then play with capo on the second fret, its easier on the higher ones. Like always, comments, advices etc send me to my e-mail adress, which is on top of the page
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