Sahara Hotnights – In Private tab

Dadd9 Eadd9 C#add9e|--5--|--7--|--4--|B|--5--|--7--|--4--|G|--7--|--9--|--6--|D|--7--|--9--|--6--|A|--5--|--7--|--4--|E|--x--|--x--|--x--|
Intro: A F#m C#m E (2x) Verse: D A D A Take your time and tell me where you lie D F#m Bm E I realise that we’ve been found out this time D A D A We should stay together if we can D F#m Bm E But what you’ve planned means there’s a difference between Chorus: A F#m What you’re gonna say in private C#m E You still want my love we’re in this together A F#m And what you’re gonna do in public C#m E Say you were never in love that you can remember Verse: So discreet I never tried to meet Your friends or interfere I took a back seat between Chorus Bridge: Dadd9 Eadd9 What you gonna say, ay C#add9 F#m When you run back to your wife? Bm E I guess it’s just the story of my life A What you gonna say? F#m C#m E Chorus
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