Said The Whale – The Reason chords

CThe reason my love
FMy priorites got so fucked up
GAnd I'm sorry that I lead you to believe
CYou don't mean that much to me anymore
G And you do and I care and I'd do anything
CBut I'm out on a limb, dear
FAnd you're just sitting there smoking your thin lipped, 80 sized cigarettes
Gand laughing, hahahaha.
C FAnd I just want you, to, believe me
GCould you believe in me?
C G G7Believe in me
Dm Cuz I know it isn't what you need
G C And I know there is a fine line between love and trust
FAnd believing the things that we must believe in
Dm GSo don't forget about all the little things that mean so much to someone like me
C AmAnd I know it's only skin deep
Dm GAnd I know how deep that can be
Cuz you tell me
Dm G CBut I just want you to believe in me
Oh, that's the reason my love, that's the reason my love
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