Saliva – Famous Monsters tab

Famous Monster
Acoustic Guitar tuned @440hz, Eb tuning***

Chords used: Esus2 and Asus2[i am pretty sure these are the names] (you don't have toif you don't want to) Esus Asus2eb|---x-------0---|Bb|---0-------0---|Gb|---2-------2---|Db|---2-------2---|Ab|---2-------0---|Eb|---0-------x---|
keep it soft and play with some upstrokes.
Intro and Verseeb|---------------------|Bb|---------0-----------|Gb|--------2---2---2----|Db|------2-------2------|Ab|----2----------------|Eb|---------------------| (repeat)
play along to figure out where to start. Chorus: Asus2 Cuz you're a famous monster Esus You do what ever they offer Asus2 You tie their noose around your neck Esus And they throw you over Asus2 Cuz your a famous monster
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