Samhain – Halloween tab


          My name is Nick McCool

             For those of you who cant read Notes, here is the tabliture.You can
find this stuff everywhere in note form but not in tabs so here you go.I'll be
doing a crap load more until I finish the entire misfits catalog.Bass
included.My good buddy Will has been taking care of alot of the bass parts so
I'll attack what he doesnt.Then Ill probably hit some Six feet under, Death,
Pantera, Megadeth, type O negative, whatever else I know...- Nick

e-------------------------------------------------| b-------------------------------------------------| G--------2---5--10---12---2-----------------------| D----2---2---5--10---12---2-----------------------| A----2---0---3---8---10---0-----------------------| E----0--------------------------------------------| + $
+ you build up on this note $ this is the actual note the verse starts on.You do this several times and then go into this
e-----------------------------| b-----------------------------| G---9-9-9-10-10-9-9-9-10-10-2-| D---9-9-9-10-10-9-9-9-10-10-2-| A---7-7-7--8--8-7-7-7--8--8-0-| E-----------------------------|
repeat that a couple of times and on the last note starts the chorus then the chorus," HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN!!!"
e---------------------------------------------| b---------------------------------------------| G---2-----------5--------2-----------5--------| D---2-----------5--------2-----------5--------| A---0-----------3--------0-----------3--------| E---------------------------------------------|
I dunno repeat it as much as you have to. This is it folks.It's Cheeseburger time! " Cheeseburgers and lonliness are a dangerous mix"
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