Sami Yusuf - Mother chords version 1

Sami Yusuf  Mother

Intro :  G   F  Am  G
C   F  Dm  E
G   F  Am  G
C   F  Dm  E

AmBlessed is your face
G CBlessed is your name
FMy beloved
AmBlessed is your smile
G CWhich makes my soul want to fly
FMy beloved
DmAll the nights
AmAnd all the times
GThat you cared for me
DmBut I never realised it
AmAnd now its too late
GForgive me
Em FNow Im alone filled with so much shame
Am GFor all the years I caused you pain
C FIf only I could sleep in your arms again
Dm EMother Im lost without you
G FYou were the sun that brightened my day
Am GNow whos going to wipe my tears away
C FIf only I knew what I know today
Dm EMother Im lost without you
Intro : Am G F E 2x
Am G F EUmmahu, ummahu, ya ummi
Am G F Ewa shawqahu ila luqyaki ya ummi
Dm AmUmmuka, ummuka, ummuka ummuka
GQawlu rasulika
Dm AmFi qalbi, fi hulumi
GAnti mai ya ummi
Em FRuhti wa taraktini
Am GYa nura aynayya
C FYa unsa layli
Dm ERuhti wa taraktini
G FMan siwaki yahdhununi
Am GMan siwaki yasturuni
C FMan siwaki yahrusuni
DmAfwaki ummi
Samir Demiri
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