Sanctus Real – Promises chords

Promises by Sanctus Real

Intro: D, A, E 2X

Verse 1:
D ASometimes it's hard to keep believing
F#m EIn what you can't see
D AThat everything happens for a reason
EEven the worst life brings
D AIf you're reaching for an answer
F#m EAnd you don't know what to pray
D AJust open up the pages
ELet His word be your strength
F#m DAnd hold on to the promises (Hold tight)
A EHold on to the promises (Alright)
F#m DJesus is alive so hold tight
A EHold on to the promises
Inst: D, F#m, A, E Verse 2:
D AAll things work for the good
F#m EOf those who love God
D AHe holds back nothing that will heal you
ENot even His own Son
D AHis love is everlasting
F#m EHis faithfulness unending
D AOh, if God is for us who can be against us
ESo if you feel weak
(Back to chorus) Bridge:
F#m DNeither life, nor death
A ECould separate us
F#m DFrom the eternal love
A EOf our God who saves us (2X)
(Chorus 2X) (Bridge, End on D)
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