Sandy Patty – We Shall Behold Him chords

Capo 5
C G DThe sky shall unfold
G C D G DPreparing His entrance
G D Em The stars shall applaud Him
A Em DWith thunders of praise
D C GThe sweet light in His eyes
D Em D GShall enhance those awaiting
Em C#7 G EmAnd we shall behold Him
Am7 C D GThen face to face
C GAnd we shall behold Him
C D GWe shall behold Him
C G Am GFace to face
G C Em C DIn all of His glory
C G Bm7We shall behold Him
C D G D GWe shall behold Him
C GFace to face
Em Am7 Bm D GOur Savior and Lord
The angel shall sound The shout of His coming The sleeping shall rise From their slumbering place And those who remain Shall be changed in a moment And we shall behold Him Then face to face
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