Baby Girl tab with lyrics by Saosin - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Saosin – Baby Girl tab

Baby Girl-Anthony Green

I think this is solo work by Anthony, I'm not sure really, but I posted it as   Saosin.

I couldn't find a good tab for this, so I did it myself.
I know its probably not 100 percent correct, but the chick you sing this to will never 
I hope you like it.


Be sure to listen to the song while you learn this.
It's the only way to figure out the number of strums.

Verse 1/Intro - Composed of 3 Chords


Then into this:
Then into this:
Verse 2 - Composed of 2 chords This:
Into this:
Thats it. There isn't really a specific strum pattern that you should play it too, I think. So just listen to the song to get the feel for it. It's a nice song, so play it. Any questions or anything like that email me .
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