Sara Bareilles – Not Alone chords

There is a really simple piano line during the verses that goes like this (it's not hard to figure out the rhythm)e|-----------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------|D|--1----1----1----1-----------------|A|-3----2----1----0----6-------------|E|--------------------4----3---3-----|
(So, it's basically Cm/C, Cm/B, Cm/Bb, Cm/A, Cm/G#, G.) Chorus:
Eb GAnd I don't want to be alone
Cm G#Sky, don't let the sun go
Eb I'm not ready for the darkness
G CmSwear upon a heartless soul
Eb GAnd I don't want to cry when you go
Cm G#Stay a little longer, you know
Eb G GYou're making me feeel
I'm not alone Bridge:
G# And if I only worry 'bout it
Worry 'bout it, worry 'bout it
EbI just keep breaking down
Breaking down, breaking down
G#Boy, I could do without
Do without, do without
G GA night of the bad dreams, sad things
G G Tell me what that means
That's it, have fun! :D
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