Sarah Blasko – Bird On A Wire chords

Title: Bird on a Wire
Artist: Sarah Blasko
Tabbed by: Srsly

BmHurt like a bird on a wire you got cursed
F#You got burned, something that no one deserves
BmAs you broke in your wings you forgot how to sing
F#All the trouble it brings, trouble that it brings
D F#For the first time in your life you're coming home
D F#You can feel the strength returning to your bones
BmCaught in a trap of desire you got lost
F#You got shot with a bow and arrow to the heart
BmYou fashion your life like a battered wife
F#Got some wood and a knife, wood and a knife
D F#For the first time in your life you made a home
D F#You'd work your fingers right down to the bone
Outro: Bm F# x2
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