Sarah Connor - Real Love chords

Sarah Connor - Real love

Intro: Dm9 - F/C - Bbmaj7 - C

Verse 1:
Dm9 F/CWhen you're holding me
Bj7 CI can breathe, there's such a piece
Dm9 F/CSo please, couldn't I try
Bj7 CFor a change, ease in your mind
Gm F/A (Am)Instead of worry do what I do
BbSay until you start to believe it
FI've got a real love
CAnd baby it's enough
Dm BbI know that it's gonna see me through
FI've got a real love
CAnd 'cause of it I
DmI'll be fine
BbI'll survive
Eb7 (Intro: Dm9...)I've got a real love... In you
Verse 2: (wie 1) I been were you are In the dark & sick at heart So I get it, I swear But do you call me, I'm there Instead of being strong on your own Let me say until you believe it Chorus: Bridge:
F C/ENo matter what the future brings
DmI'll face it with you
Bb (Bb/G)Oh, everything
FThe light of day
C/E The dark of a night
Dm GTogether, yeah, we'll be alright...because
Chorus Outro: Dm9 - Am7 - Gm7 Chords: Dm9 = d,a,f,c = xx0231 (Dm) F/C = c,a,f,c = x33211 Bbmja7= bb,f,d,a = x13331 (Bb) C = c,e,g = x32010 F = f,a,c = 133211 Eb7 = eb,g,bb,db= x68866 C/E = e,c,e,g = 032010 G = g,h,d = 320003 Gm = g,bb,d = 355333 F/A = a,f,a,c = x03211 Am7 = a,e,c,g = x02010
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