God Of The Impossible chords with lyrics by Sarah Reeves - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Sarah Reeves – God Of The Impossible chords

Sarah Reeves - God of the Impossible

Capo 5
Intro: C F2

Verse 1
C My biggest storm, one drop of rain
F2My raging fire, a candle flame
Am7 Gsus F2My deepest ocean is like a puddle at Your feet
CMy darkest valley, my greatest mountain
F2 They are Your prairie for You are constant
Am7 GsusYour ways are higher than any other
F2So I will sing
CGod of the impossible
GMaker of all miracles
Dm7I stand in awe of You
F2I'm so amazed by how You
CReach into my brokenness
GMake me beautiful again
Dm7I believe, Yes, I believe
F2 Nothing is impossible with You
Verse 2
CWhen I am weak, You are my strength
F2 And all Your power is made complete
Am7 GsusYou turn my failures to victories
F2Hallelujah, hallelujah
Chorus Bridge
C F2Healer, Healer
C Gsus GI'm restored by a healer
Am7 F2Provider, Provider
F GI am filled by a provider
C F2Deliverer, Deliverer
C Gsus GI'm set free by a deliverer
C F2Savior, my Savior
C GI'm redeemed by a saviour
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