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Satanic Surfers – Dont Fade Away tab

Satanic Surfers - Don't Fade Away

Intro(clean) 2 times e|--------------------------------| b|-11--------4--------------------| g|-10--------3-----------------3--| d|-12--------5--------3--------3--| a|-10--------3--------3--------1--| E|--------------------1-----------|
(dist, get the Rhythm on your own) 2 times e|--------------------| b|--------------------| g|--------8-----7-8---| d|--5-----8-...-7-8-8-| a|--5-...-6-----5-6-8-| E|--3---------------6-|
-Verse- G5 D#5 Altough we´ve had our differences of opinion through the years A#5 F5 F5 D#5 I cannot deny what im feeling in here G5 D#5 There are feelings i can hide within me and feelings that i can`t conceal A#5 F5 F5 Like the ones that are bringing on this tears -Chorus- D#5 A#5 G5 D#5 F5 D#5 (C5?)A#5 G5 Sometimes I think that i´ll never get to know you well enough G5 ??????????????????????????? A#5 Never understand why you did that things you did F5 G5 F5 Although Im part of you and you´re part of me too F5 G5 I just wanted you to understand that Im not an echo of your life A#5 F5 I just wanted you to understand that Im not an echo of your life A#5 D#5 I don´t ever want to forget the sound of your voice or the smile on your face F5 A#5 I don´t want to the image of you to fade away A#5 D#5 F5 I know we´re running out of time, don´t think i ever said "i love you" A#5 This is my way of saying I do -Solo- F5 ???? -Outro- F5 G5 A#5 Corrections...
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