Ambulance chords with lyrics by Saturday Looks Good To Me - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Saturday Looks Good To Me – Ambulance chords

This song has 2 different versions on 2 albums:

Saturday Looks Good to Me (2000) - 1/2 step down, last chorus is a-Capella
All Your Summer Songs (2003) - standard tuning.

D A Bm F#mI don't know if i can find a way to keep
A D EAll the secrets that you told me in your sleep
D A Bm F#mAnd i'm amazed that you still find the space to dream
A D EIn the shadows of a town made out of thieves
D A Bm F#mWho would drown the sound of history repeating
A D EWith the ambulances screaming up the street
Ebm Bb EbmSo sing to me
B F# B F#Don't let me fall asleep to the sound of cold machines
B F#Or the smell of gasoline
B C#Or the weight of destiny
Ebm Bb EbmDon't make me wait
B F#I've been waiting here all night
B C#I've been waiting my whole life
D A Bm F#m
A D ESomewhere the ghosts of factory workers dance
With the ghosts of kids who never had a chance And we still hear it out our window every night Like a fistfight in an ambulance Ebm Bb Ebm B F# B F#
B F# B C#Sing me a song, don't let me think too long
About what I'm trying to say A broken fire escape Or how long I had to wait
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